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Sometimes it does you the world of good to stop, take a look at your fitness business and review what it does, why it does it and check its relevance and appropriateness.


I’d like to suggest that you take this opportunity to book a day soon, along with your top colleagues to take a long hard critical look at your customer experience model and to analyse from the top down whether it needs any tweaking, development or dramatic overhaul.



Momentum has developed a combined seminar and workshop day that does exactly that......

 “Developing the Gold Standard“

 a service excellence programme for health & fitness operators.

“Helping you to maximise the financial potential of your business”

 The core of the day is a seminar presentation based on global industry best practice, the 7 key foundations of customer service excellence and innovative strategies from the commercial fitness field.
We encourage you throughout the presentation to engage in sessions of debate where we stimulate your team to discuss your current programmes, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, leading to the end result of the formulation of a new plan of what, how, when and where.
The day will cover reviews of sales and marketing philosophy, promotional offers, sales processes, membership and pricing policies, member journeys, retention strategies and fitness service offerings. It will also look at the role of technology, staff structure, planning systems and the actions of management.
Because we want to help you to make change quickly in an easily adoptable framework , we will also be showing you a planning framework and adoption timetable which you will be able to take away to act on the best parts of the day as soon as your team  return to work.
Whenever and wherever we do the session, clients tell us how valuable an exercise it has been.
 They find it enormously beneficial to take an all too rare opportunity to review their operation (particularly the customer service model ) for quality, direction and to ensure it matches their overarching vision.

Here’s some feedback from our most recent day with the management team:


“Just a quick line of thanks for what was a very informative, productive and enjoyable session. I haven’t spoken to my guys yet but from their initial responses they also thoroughly enjoyed the day.”
Ian Davis ,
General Manager
Wellington Fitness Clubs
“It was a very good seminar. Lots and lots of great ideas of which we could definitely capitalise on.”
Fitness manager
 “Lots of great ideas to pick from and implement from January.”
Customer Service manager
“A great day – thanks. Lots to think about – changes to make – but not all at once!”
Group Exercise Co –Ordinator



If you are interested in running a session with your team then please give us a call.





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We look forward to working with you in the future.


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