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Online and Advanced Sales & Marketing Support for Fitness Clubs
(Sometimes just being in the room is better than a Webinar)
This year we are running 4 different topics covering some of the most vital marketing areas of your Club service
  •   The Formula - Your Ultimate Fitness Club Blueprint ▼

    If you'd like to make more profit from your fitness operation… The solution is probably here

    Learn “The Triple 3X Formula“ and Create your Ultimate Fitness Club Blueprint

    The secret key to generating outstanding fitness club financial success

    our top priority as a fitness club operator or owner is NOT To get left behind by your competition. So many new opportunities online and offline to generate greater revenue and profit for your business
    Do whatever it takes to join Duncan Green at Creating the Ultimate Fitness Club Blueprint Seminar
    • Imagine that you could in one day gather the ultimate set of proven, profitable strategies to make your clubs revenue generating machines and most importantly LOVED by your members.

    • Imagine that it covered off everything you always wanted to know about membership pricing, marketing, sales, customer service, management, retention, fitness services, and staffing.

    • Imagine that not only was it the most exhaustive collection of memorable ideas, programmes and concepts ever delivered in a 4 hour seminar, but it was presented in a replicable framework that you could take away and use in your own business IMMEDIATELY.

    That’s the promise of Duncan Green s Ultimate Fitness Club Excellence Blue print Seminar
    That’s why you need to be there and hear it for yourself
  •   Quarterly Marketing Planning Summit▼

    Imagine your Fitness Club ending the year Selling Memberships like you started It!


    …That’s the benefit of Joining us in London at our Quarterly Marketing Planning Summit
    • Get ahead of your marketing Planning
    • Get a whole new raft of ideas to improve your lead generation and sales conversions
    • Save yourself a lot of time by STEALING proven copy and content from some of the UK ‘s most experienced fitness club marketeers
  •    The Science of Fitness Club Marketing  ▼

    Revolutionise your club promotional strategy in JUST 1 DAY - GUARANTEED!


    The Seminar
    A full on session, taking you from the basic concepts through to the most up to date thinking and successful online & offline tactics
    This is not a dusty theoretical session, IT IS -  a hands on , step by step practical approach to create a fitness club marketing machine
    Delegates will leave with an individual blueprint framework guaranteed* to produce results
  •   Unleashing The Power of Email Marketing – A fitness operators guide ▼


    The Most Cost Effective Fitness Marketing tool in the bag !


    Despite Email being one of the oldest marketing mediums, the ability to use it effectively is still an issue for many operators and PTs Pound for pound, Email marketing remains by far the No 1 best Value marketing activity in the fitness locker ………
    Providing you know what you’re doing (And most operators seem to be doing it wrong!)
    By the end of the day you will be able to do 2 new things
    1. Know exactly how to craft good content and to utilise email marketing to make a positive difference to your fitness business

    2. Put your content IMMEDIATELY into action in your Club or PT business using your new found mastery of the cutting edge email technology we have supplied you with.
  •   Maximising your Member Spend – How To  Add £100k - £200k to Your Clubs Bottom Line NOW!  ▼

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